America, the Unique

rosietheriveterI set out to find out who British publishing giant, Pearson Publishing, really is. I spent many, many hours researching. In the end, I realized that Pearson is  basically greedy and fond of the United Nations (UN) as well as the provider of the bulk of textbooks, teacher trainings, and tests related to Common Core (CC). This has been unsettling me for several days. Why would anyone be fond of the UN? Then I had a flickering memory of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London where universal health care was glorified. That ceremony gave me the shivers. I couldn’t put my finger on why it bothered me so much, and then my husband reminded me of the ties to the UN. Then it alarmed me that it didn’t bother the rest of the world. It seemed only Americans, especially those of us that respect our Constitution, seem troubled by that show.

America is the only country I know of (except maybe Israel) that doesn’t really understand what it’s like to be under the authority of a monarchy or dictatorship. The Pilgrims purposefully came here to get away from that. They wanted to raise their children according to God’s word, the Bible, and not what the Church of England dictated. The king was very far away and didn’t really care what the Pilgrims were doing at that point. We have a unique world view. We are a strong, determined, independent people. The people of Europe, however, have never really known the freedom we have. That is what we Americans have valued for most of our history: God and country. However, since the 1960’s, that began changing.

I read a very interesting, well documented piece this morning. I will sum it up here. It actually began after World War II, in 1948, when the UN was founded. Part of that was the development of human rights, practices, and policies that would support a global, ethical religion. Now, let’s jump to 2001. After years of gearing up, the UN felt the world was softened up enough to push their agenda on young children. They have developed a training manual that over reaches traditional theistic religions.

Some of the rights included in the economic part of the “bill of rights” include: food, shelter, clean water, health, education social security, and a safe and healthy environment. Although this sounds caring and humane, it takes away a country’s sovereign rights. Fortunately, the US is one of a few countries that did not sign off on this. However, that doesn’t mean that the Council of Chief State School Officers (a lobbyist group), the National Governor’s Association (a lobbyist group), certain well-funded individuals (such as Bill Gates) and the president and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan, aren’t trying to introduce and enforce them in the US via future court decisions, federal laws, and regulations.

If this concerns you, please sign our petition at

In 2004, the UN adopted a World Program on Human Rights Education (HRE). This is the plan for teaching human rights in schools. They have lesson plans, teacher trainings, and materials. This done under the title of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNESCR). Because most European countries have federal education, rather than locally controlled education, Europe has been more willing to adopt these plans. However, when 45 states accept a one size fits all education plan, we too have federalized education and taken control away from local communities and have breached the tenth amendment.

In 2009, the National Governor Association Center for Best Practices, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve published their new Common Core Standards for math and language arts. Currently, the science and social studies standards are being finalized. The Wyoming Board of Education may be voting on the approval of these standards on January 23rd. The UN’s human rights agenda is woven in throughout the standards. For example, in the language arts standards, there are lessons that include: more informational text readings, writing for the purpose of use text evidence to support a point of view with reasoning and building arguments. From what I’ve seen of the lessons used with Common Core, there is a great deal of emphasis placed on emotions rather than facts. Also in reading, the new key phrase is “embedded reading.” Basically, this is reading a simple sentence. Next, that same sentence is built up with more vocabulary, ideas and concepts. Then it gets more complex, but maintains the original basic sentence. This is known as scaffolding. Human rights groups have created websites that contain the embedded readings.  Redistribution is a common theme in math lessons.  In the book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” Meg, the main character, learns that fair doesn’t mean equal, it means getting what you need.  For example, I am in my fifties.  I don’t need birth control, yet Obama Care thinks all people ought to have birth control, their definition of fair means equal.  But what I need and what you need, may be very different, and that is NOT fair.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative has direct ties to the UN. As Americans, this ought to cause us to bring out our fighting spirit. The USA does not have a global mentality. We value the individual. We used to value freedom OF (not from) religion. We value the true meaning of fair. The UN has no right to usurp our local control of education, parental rights, and independence.

How can you help stop this (and several states have hit the brakes on Common Core)? Write you state representatives, our State Board of Education, sign our petition, and educate every one you meet.


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